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Oroboros Instruments is the driving force in mitochondrial physiology with nearly 30 years of R&D experience in mitochondrial and cell research with its expertise in design and develop of the O2k-technology for high resolution technology. R&D laboratories, research centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in 49 countries benefit from the unique scientific support provided by Oroboros Instruments, complementary to the robustness, reliability, and high quality of the Oroboros technology.

As a result of our commitment to continuous innovation, the NextGen-O2k, an all-in-one technology extends the analytical and diagnostic power of high-resolution respirometry by integration of NADH- and Q-redox monitoring in the NextGen-O2k.

The Oroboros Ecosystem is the integration and exchange of knowledge and technology. Expanding on our products and support, we have evolved into an ever-growing platform for knowledge transfer. From the O2k-Network that provides opportunities to share with other O2k users to MitoPedia where terminology is defined, the Oroboros Ecosystems connects researchers to information and answers. Our aim is to provide more than just the physical means to conduct mitochondrial research. By offering open resources in addition to making ourselves available for excellent customer and technical support, we empower our customers to design, implement and interpret meaningful experiments. To promote quick dissemination and open access of publications in the field of mitochondrial and chloroplast bioenergetics and physiology, the journal Bioenergetics Communications (BEC) was created by Oroboros in collaboration with MitoEAGLE.

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