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Nanolive’s approach provides real-time, label-free and high resolution images of living cells. Nanolive imaging delivers experimental results in 3D for long periods of time, at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.

Multimodal complete solution: 4D live cell imaging & fluorescence

3D Cell Explorer-fluo

  • Combine fully label-free imaging with correlative epifluorescence to cover a broad array of live cell imaging requirements for your lab, department, or institute
  • Rediscover your living cells through multiplexing: Nanolive datasets contain the simultaneous acquisition of several biological features and organelles – therefore capturing various pathways of cell biology in real-time
  • Extend Live Cell Imaging: image your live cells as long as you need. Limit cell damages caused by fluorescent markers, bleaching and phototoxicity
  • Visualize the invisible: the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo allows you to visualize what would be too small to be captured label-free, such as: proteins, ions (e.g. calcium), viruses, etc

Nanolive’s automated imaging platform

The CX-A

Nanolive’s imaging platform – the CX-A – is the only solution in the world to offer automated 3D label-free live cell imaging that is compatible with 96-well plates.

  • Non-invasive autofocus solution: keeps cells in focus for the time of the experiment
  • Integrated image analysis solution with multi-parametric read-out
  • Long-term imaging of living cells with no perturbations and no contamination in physiological conditions thanks to our dedicated incubation solution. More details here.
  • High quality motorized stage with a micron range precision repeatability of motion
  • Stitching feature: allows to analyze highly confluent cell populations containing hundreds of cells while keeping Nanolive’s signature sub-cellular resolution
  • Meaningful correlative imaging: features a fully integrated 3 channel epifluorescence imaging modality

Nanolive’s team will be happy to assist you with any questions, suggestions or requests. Use the calendar below to set up a meeting with us or contact us by email: adrian.baumann@nanolive.ch or sanela.vellino@nanolive.ch

We offer remote demos of our automated platform and physical demos in your institute/company. Let us know if you would like to have a demo for you.

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